OCEAN CORNER WATER TREATMENT EQUIPMENT & CHEMICALS L.L.C. is a unique engineering company combining the execution of Machineries Installation projects with development and innovations. Our services include the following:
  * FRP Modular Sectional Panel
* Automatic In-Line Oil & Grease Interceptor
* Vechicle Wash Water Re-cycling Plant
* Fully Automatic Waste Oil & Water Separation Plant
* FRP Thermally Insulated, Process Water Storage Tank
* Package Wastewater Treatment Plant
* Odor Control System
* Portable Water Storage Tank
* Ammonia, Chlorine & Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Scrubber's
* Modular Sectional Panel Tanks
* Bulk Storage & Management System
* Water & Hydrocarbon Storage Tanks
* FRP High Flow Process Cooling System Heat Reactor
* Potable Water Pressure Booster System
* Food Waste & Cooking Oil Interceptor
* Activated Carbon Media Fully Automatic Filteration Package
* FRP Pressure Vessel