is a unique engineering company combining the execution of turnkey projects with development and innovations. We specialize in utilizing the best technology for the production of fresh water from saline and brackish water, treatment of waste water and greening the environment. We have extensive experience in various technologies of sea water desalination and waste water recycle. As our name implies, we focus on service.
OCTWE is a specialized technical products marketing and trading company based in Dubai , UAE. It was specifically established by the OCTWE Group to cater for the growing demand in the field of water and waste water treatment in Dubai , UAE. and all over UAE. Our experienced team of professional engineers and procurement specialists focus on our clients' needs to ensure that all their requirements are fulfilled in an efficient timely manner with total commitment.
  * Plant Refurbishment.
  * Operation & Maintenance Support Services.
  * Mobile & Containerized Plants.
  * Water Treatment – sub systems.
  * Water Service Centre.
  * Promotion of "Green Environment".