OCWTE are managed by dedicated experts well versed in all aspects of product techniques related to water treatment and equipments.  The OCWTE is supported by a sales team of highly qualified Engineers and Technicians to provide best quality products with guarantee of back-up services.  The OCWTE holds sole agencies of numerous internationally recognized manufacturers and an extensive inventory of their products are always available ex-stock.
  OCWTE Engineering and management program include
• Process Engineering & Design
• Equipment Procurement
• Project Management
• After sales & service
  OCWTE uses reputed factory facility for fabrication of RO plant has the following facilities.  
  • Sand blasting system
• Powdered coating system for skid
• Orbital welding facility for Stainless Steel pipe
• Pressure & leakage testing procedure.
• PLC programming for control panels
• In house chemical cleaning and membrane testing system
• Separate cold storage room for membrane preservation.
• Using sophisticated machines for cutting, threading, drilling, power press, light
  Machine and other equipments.
  OCWTE activities include:  
  Water treatment, Chemicals & Equipment:  

• Water Treatment Division – Engineering & Services: The division handles the land based Water Treatment business including:
• Reverse Osmosis Plant for following.
   Residential water purification system
   Portable sea water system
   Commercial scale purified water system (Brackish water)
   Commercial scale purified water system (Sea water)
   Water used for kidney dialysis unit.
   Water used for beverage manufacturing.
   Bottled water.
   Water used for Boiler, Chiller feed.

• Softeners, Deionizer, Media filters (Gravel, Sand, Anthracite Carbon & Birm),
   UV & Ozone disinfections system, Dosing pumps, Micron filtration.

• Water treatment chemical such as Ion exchange resin, RO antiscalant,
   Industrial salt & membrane cleaning chemicals.

• Specialty Chemical Division: Caustic Soda, Soda Ash, Solvents (Methanol, Toluene Etc), Diatomaceous Earth Powder Boiler & Chilled    water and other chemicals in the United Arab Emirates.

• Reverse Osmosis Division: OCWTE design, assembles, install, commission and maintain RO systems from tap, brackish, and seawater    for different capacities.

• Swimming Pools Division: handles Swimming Pool Filters, Pumps, Fittings, Brushes, Nets, and Large stock of Swimming Pool filter    media (graded sand, Diatomaceous Earth, Anthracite…etc). Furthermore, we have the largest stock of Calcium hypochlorate and    other chlorine based chemicals imported from distinguished companies such as TICA, SDIC, and others. Being the sole agent for    Onga-Australia, we are the shopping center for swimming pool products, systems & maintenance in U.A.E, neighboring, and African    countries.

• Effluent & Sewage Treatment Division: We undertake the projects on Industrial Effluent and Sewage Treatment.

• Membrane Cleaning Services: We are the only company in Emirates, which under takes Reverse Osmosis membrane-cleaning    services for all different type, brand and model of all RO elements.

• Tank Cleaning : We undertakes dis-infection and sterilization of building over head and under ground tanks as per Dubai municipality    norms and issue certificate.

  Back- up services


Undertakes all types of maintenance of swimming pool, water purification systems (such as Filters, Softeners, Reverse Osmosis Plants, DM plants), Disinfection of domestic water systems, descaling of the boilers and heat exchangers.


We have a fully equipped laboratory specialized in analysis of boiler water, cooling water, potable water, effluent water, swimming pools, bacteriological samples and various other sources.

Workshop facilities

Our Service Centre in Dubai is equipped with the latest, most up-to-date plant and equipment and is managed by professionals with a wealth of experience.


A large central stores is operating in the Industrial Area between Abu Dhabi and Dubai for quicker direct deliveries to customers in all the Emirates.